About Us


My mission is to provide your child with the highest quality of educational care available. My programming is designed to help your child develop cognitively, emotionally, social, and physically by providing an environment which is stimulating, supportive, and safe.  I am dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential. Your child's comfort and needs are always a priority. The care is personal and individualized to enhance your child's growth and self-esteem. The program embraces the concept of "learning through play" for the education of the children.  I emphasize the social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development of each child. Although, each developmental element is important, all are required to build a child's positive self-esteem and his or her unique personal attributes.

Play is an essential component of my program. Through the use of themes, activities, songs, books, crafts, field trips and much more, your child will learn by active participation, experimentation and experience. I attempt to teach children that learning can be fun by presenting information in a way that captures their interest and opens them up to seeing the world as an opportunity to learn and have fun. This attitude will serve them throughout their schooling as well as throughout their lives.

As a cooperative, Riversong Playschool works in partnership with the parents to enhance the children's growth and development, and provide a safe learning environment. When a child feels secure, they can learn to take risks and open their minds to the world around them. To help in the child’s initial adjustment, the playschool offers individual interviews and meetings when they first start.

 Every day, and in every way, your child will love the time spent at Riversong Playschool.  Your family's welfare is my main concern and I will care for your child as I do my own.  It is my hope that you will leave each day knowing you have done all that you can do provide the very best care for your child.  Your children will enjoy the facility that I have created specifically for playschool and I welcome you and your child to come for a tour the facility and to meet me before you start.  My program will have learning outcomes not limited to the following: music, movement, numbers, letters, colors, shapes, writing and reading, and much more.  We will have weekly themes that will incorporate all of the above learning outcomes.  Your child will also have their own free time to be creative and play.

**The toys and books will be rotated often to ensure that children are constantly receiving new things to explore and new ways to expand their knowledge and learning through play.